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Simple and Surgical Tooth Extractions

Both simple and surgical tooth extractions are standard oral surgery procedures performed to remove teeth that have become impacted or infected. Impacted teeth are natural teeth that have not erupted through the gum line, while infected teeth are those that have become abscessed or decayed. Our team at BLUSH Dental Studio of East Point, Georgia, is here to educate you about the two primary tooth extraction methods.

Surgical tooth extractions

A surgical tooth extraction is more complex than simple extractions and usually requires an incision in the soft gum tissue to access the tooth. Surgical extractions are often performed on teeth that are impacted or severely decayed or may be done for wisdom tooth extractions. For those with impacted wisdom teeth, we refer those patients to our trusted oral surgery partners for wisdom tooth extractions.

If you have a natural adult tooth that needs to be extracted, our highly trained dentists will first numb the area using local anesthesia. Once the area is numb, an incision in the gum tissue will be made, and the tooth will be carefully removed. In some situations, a permanent, natural tooth may need to be removed in sections.

After the tooth is extracted, the area will be sutured closed, and you will be advised on how to care for the extraction site. It is crucial to carefully follow these instructions to avoid complications such as infection.

Simple tooth extractions

A simple tooth extraction is less complex than surgical extractions and usually does not require an incision in the gum tissue. Simple extractions are often performed on teeth that are visible above the gum line and can be easily accessed with forceps.

The process of a simple extraction is typically easier and faster than surgical extractions. The area is numbed with a local anesthetic, and then forceps are used to grasp the tooth and carefully pull it out of the socket. Patients who have simple extractions will require less recovery and healing than patients requiring surgical extractions.

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Dr. Kisha Carter
Dr. Kisha Carter is a respected dentist in Atlanta with over 14 years of experience. Initially a dental assistant over 25 years ago, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Georgia and her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the Medical College of Georgia. She graduated top of her class as a member of the dental honor society, Omicron Kappa Upsilon.

Dr. Carter is a Licensed Dentist in the State of Georgia and a member of the American Dental Association, Georgia Dental Association, North Georgia Dental Society, Georgia Dental Society, Hinman Dental Society, and Honorary Society of Dental Volunteers.

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Dr. Jaime Kim
Dr. Jaime Kim graduated from Emory University and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, the prestigious academic honor society. She received her doctorate from the University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry and completed a residency at the Charlie Norwood Veterans Affairs in Augusta, GA.

Dr. Kim is a Licensed Dentist in the State of Georgia and a member of the American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, Georgia Dental Association, Alabama Dental Association, and Hinman Dental Society. She loves being able to help her patients achieve their dental goals.

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